Shuttering Carpenter

The role of a shuttering carpenter is crucial in the construction industry, as they specialize in creating formwork, molds, and temporary structures to support concrete during construction projects. WorldStar Trade Test & Training Centre recognizes the significance of skilled shuttering carpenters and is committed to providing comprehensive training and certification programs to shape them into experts in their craft. In this article, we will explore the role of a shuttering carpenter, the skills required, and how WorldStar equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise to excel in this field.

Steel Fixer

A steel fixer, also known as a reinforcing ironworker or ironworker, is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in the fabrication, placement, and installation of reinforcing steel bars (rebar) and mesh in concrete structures. They play a crucial role in the construction industry, ensuring that reinforced concrete structures are built to withstand loads and maintain their structural integrity.


A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in working with wood and constructing, installing, and repairing various wooden structures and components. Carpenters play a vital role in the construction industry, utilizing their expertise to create and assemble a wide range of wooden items, from basic frameworks to intricate architectural details. Here's an overview of the role and responsibilities of a carpenter: