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DIPAK RAYWTTC MAY20230035/25/2023N8008057Grade ‘ C’ 58%PASS
DIPANKAR HIRAWTTC-MAY20230045/21/2023P5913515Grade ‘ A’ 88%PASS
HUBART BACHHU MULLICKWTTC-MAY20230015/21/2023N9278399Grade ‘ C’ 56%PASS
JAYANTA BISWASWTTC-MAY20230055/29/2023X5875543Grade ‘ A’ 81%PASS
Jitendra Nath SardarWTTC-MAY20230065/29/2023U5597104Grade ‘ B+’ 73%PASS
Sajal MalakarWTTC-JUN20230026/1/2023X5870639Grade ‘ B+’ 71%PASS
Samir BiswasWTTC-JUN20230016/1/2023W8640370Grade ‘ A’ 90%PASS
Chaitanya HiraWTTC-JUN20230056/1/2023X5858748Grade ‘ A’ 81%PASS
Sujit Kumar BiswasWTTC-JUN20230046/1/2023T7798528Grade ‘ A’ 84%PASS
Tapan Kumar MondalWTTC-MAY20230075/29/2023S7342611Grade ‘ A’ 83%PASS
Tapan BiswasWTTC-MAY20230025/21/2023R8851023Grade ‘ B’ 61%PASS
Tonmay BiswasWTTC-JUN20230036/1/2023N7656852Grade ‘ A’ 84%PASS

WorldStar Trade Test & Training Centre for Construction Workers is a renowned institution that offers comprehensive training and certification programs for construction professionals. With a mission to bridge the skills gap in the industry, WorldStar provides trade-specific training, conducts reliable trade tests, and fosters continuous learning. Their programs have had a significant impact on skill development, employment opportunities, safety standards, and industry recognition. WorldStar is a trusted name in the construction sector, empowering workers and shaping the future of the industry.